How We Work

Two thousand years ago, Vitruvius, the revered Roman architect and engineer, said that we should build things to be firmitas, utilitas, venustas - solid, useful, beautiful. While this quote dates back to antiquity, it is an eloquent expression of how we work today.

Construction in modern times is simple in concept, but complicated in practice. In the end, successful projects are a reflection of effective problem solving. Our goal is to solve problems in logical ways that make our clients happy for the long-term. Sometimes we are able to use our decades of experience to solve problems quickly and easily. Sometimes it takes diligent communication, collaboration, and creativity to get things worked out. Either way, we love the challenge and we’re determined to manage the details without losing sight of the end goal – to build solid, useful, and beautiful spaces for our clients.

  • Philosophy

    Our ethos is simple: Be nice, and do good work.
    Achieving that ethos? Not so simple.
    To get there, you have to follow some principles and practices to make that axiom possible.


    Effective collaboration and communication between the builder, client and design team can make or break a project. That’s why we develop clear communication channels and expectations early on in the pre-construction process and maintain that standard throughout our relationship. That means our project managers are on-site and available for any questions, conversations and concerns almost every day. Our clients get regular (usually weekly) updates on progress, budget, and schedule so they can keep up to date with their investments and know what to expect.


    Clarity comes down to two things: organization and transparency.
    We deliver these promises in our processes and our billing. We have a 100% open-book policy. Clients receive a detailed breakdown of costs updated weekly. We are honest and fair when negotiating with our suppliers, laborers, and trades, which makes having a transparent process easy for all parties.


    We love doing things well and doing things right. Craftsmanship means clients get custom solutions that are built to last. Each project team is assembled specifically with the needs of the project in mind so our clients can best benefit from the ideal combination of suppliers, tradespeople, and laborers.


    Work should be play, right?
    Your home is most likely your life’s biggest investment, and we take that very seriously. But we also believe that working on your home should be fun. We focus on making your project a low-stress experience by having as many celebrations as possible. We like to throw a ‘Plywood Party’ once framing is complete and a ‘Sock Party’ after the whole project is done. We also like to celebrate our clients by gifting them a photo book of their project and taking them out to dinner. In the end, we want you to enjoy your amazing home, as well as the road you took to get there.

  • The Book

    At the heart of our organizational system is what we call “The Book.” At first glance it is simply a three ring binder, but it contains every important detail of your project meticulously organized into categories called Divisions. It helps everyone get on the same page and keeps track of the million details involved in every job. The book for a typical job will usually be several hundred pages and contain the past and present versions of the following:


    Bids from Subs

    Installation Details
    Meeting Notes

  • Green Building

    There are a lot of ways to build green, but we like to take an ALL OF THE ABOVE approach. We’re all for using bells and whistles like solar panels, heat pumps and green roofs, but sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for that. What the budget always allows for is doing things right. Things like maximizing insulation, minimizing waste, re-using whenever possible, selecting non-toxic materials that have minimal environmental impact, designing for natural ventilation and lighting, and maximizing the lifecycle of the building. Designing and building green homes is something that we feel extremely passionate about - it’s easy to talk the talk but harder to walk the walk. By designing homes that incorporate environmentally friendly elements, we’re doing our part to encourage an intentional approach towards sustainability from the ground up.
    If you haven’t gotten enough info here, please pay us a visit at the next Colorado Green Building Guild meeting where Dave Sloan is president.

  • Contracts

    Establishing reasonable and timely contracts is key to maximizing our resources. That’s why we like to work under a ‘cost-plus’ or ‘time and materials’ contract. Our work isn’t done at a fixed price, but instead we charge based on exactly what the project costs in time and materials, with a markup that covers our overhead and expenses.
    Fixed-price contracts are often confusing and sneaky... endless change orders and hidden surprises seem to appear. Our approach to contracts offers homeowners the ultimate solution in flexibility and fairness. Cost-plus contracts don’t incentivize the contractor to cut corners, skimp on the quality of materials, or make their profit in change orders. Instead, we are determined to do things right and give the customer exactly what they want – while scoring bonus points by coming in under budget and ahead of schedule, of course.

  • Cost

    Cost is probably the most important subject on this page, but the hardest to estimate. Every project we do ends up being its own unique animal, so please contact us for a more precise estimate.

“We feel very fortunate to have been connected with your company, and we are looking forward to working together in the future.”

-Patricia, Boulder

“Dave’s approach fostered a comfort level through which our design and construction plans became a true collaboration.”

-John & Jessica, Boulder

“We couldn’t have been happier with the quality of work, the pace, the professionalism and deep construction knowledge of the Sloan team.”

-Ben, Pinebrook Hills

“Compared to other builders and general contractors' work, Sloan Construction's level of execution and craftsmanship really stands out.”

-Greg, Boulder

“Dave really listened to our needs and respected our financial constraints at every step in the project. Highly recommended.”

-Jane, Boulder

“The experience was quick and seamless; two adjectives not generally associated with construction/home improvement projects.”

-Jaime, Boulder

“When things didn't go as planned because of another company's actions, they figured out workarounds and kept the project on track. We are still thrilled with the result.“

-Mary & Bill, Boulder

“Hands down, David and Sloan Construction are the best! They did a stunning deck for me in a complicated location and their work is impeccable - with every detail attended to.“

-Margery, Boulder