Be Nice, Do Good Work

We’re a family business, first and foremost. That means that any project, client or challenge we face, we do it with integrity, kindness, and understanding. Since we are small by design, we can maintain our most valuable asset: the personal long-term relationships we develop with our clients. The rest of our team is composed of highly skilled, passionate and hardworking people who are outstanding at what they do. Each person is an expert in their own right and our crew has often been referred to as the best crew in town by other contractors. Collectively, our team has over 150 years of experience in construction. We hope to make any project, whether it’s a residential remodel, custom home or commercial construction, enjoyable, transparent and life-changing while providing you with the support of professionals that treat you like friends.

Meet our team

Dave Sloan


Founder & President

Dave is a botanist-turned-carpenter-turned-general contractor. His endless good energy and positive attitudes comes in handy for keeping up with his kids and working long days on various projects. In his “spare” time, Dave is the president of the Colorado Green Building Guild and is the builder behind the parade floats at his kid’s elementary school.

Dave's Role

Dave is the man who knows who is doing what and where. He keeps tabs on just about everything, but is in charge of three things: relationships with clients, the pre-construction process, and making sure everyone is having fun.

Clients call Dave when...

They are wondering how much all of this is going to cost or want to riff about rare craft beers and new Boulder breweries.

Hanna Sloan



Hanna started her career as a water resources engineer, but got drafted by Dave to use her ninja-like organization skills to create order from the chaos of his burgeoning contracting business.

Hanna's Role

CFO, Marketing, Business Development, Human Resources, Party Planning. You name it, Hanna is on it.

Clients call Hanna when...

They need our routing number or would like to schedule their post-project dinner date with her and Dave.

Chad Soulia



Chad is a master of getting things done. His resolve is intense but somehow he’s super nice at the same time. We’d love to know his secret. Previous jobs include being a chef and production manager at Planet Bluegrass.

Chad's Role

Estimates, estimates, estimates. Chad works with the client to determine the scope of a project, gets quotes from subcontractors and vendors, and magically turns it into an accurate estimate for what the job will cost.

Clients call Chad when...

They want to hash out their estimate or need help taking down a few dozen trees on their property.

Pete Manasco


Project Manager

Pete is a master carpenter and jack of all trades. He’s been in the industry longer than most, and still has every single finger. A true man of mystery.

Pete's Role

Chief of herding cats. He manages all jobs in construction and is the main point of contact for virtually everybody.

Clients call Pete when...

Something happens, or doesn’t happen, or should be happening. He can be reached at 720-546-7394.

Michael McMahon


Crew Chief

Michael could easily make a living as a cartoonist or as the front man for a sick norm-core band, but we’re lucky that he’s settled for working here.

Michael's Role

Michael runs our crew and also manages the final punchlists, so clients love to see him wrapping up their projects.

Clients call Michael when...

They need somebody with extraordinary attention to detail and endless compassion.

Adin Hunt



Adin is former ski patrol and an expert timber framer. But most importantly, he is the only person in the company to ever bowl a 300.

Adin's Role

Adin is our lead carpenter and a quiet badass. He does everything incredibly well, and is done before you think he’s even started.

Clients call Adin when...

You need a solid partner for 2 feet of fresh in the backcountry.

Ryan Kean



Ryan is our resident designer (CU Architecture degree) and polymath (race car driver, mechanic, musician, axe thrower, paintball sniper, world traveler and a bunch of other stuff he won’t even tell us about).

Ryan's Role

Ryan is one of our most capable lieutenants, and he’ll make sure every job he works on is operating just right. He also runs our one-man welding department.

Clients call Ryan when...

They want to add 6 inches of lift on their Subaru.

Ruben Berumen



Ruben “has a guy” for everything. Need a solid used car? Call Ruben. Need a horse shoed? Call Ruben. Have a hankering for goat meat? Call Ruben.

Ruben's Role

Ruben is a master of so many things it’s impossible to keep track. He is one of the most sought after drywall contractors in the area and a wizard of solving difficult problems in virtually every realm of construction.

Clients call Ruben when...

Need to buy a cow? Call Ruben.

Christine Mathias


Accounting Specialist

Christine has experience in every nook and cranny in the accounting world. She’s worked in bio-tech, staffing, government and for a large company specializing in roof racks.

Christine's Role

Christine is the cog in the wheel around here. Every receipt, invoice, bill timesheet and banking transaction goes through her. She’s also Hanna’s right hand lady and designated babysitter of the office dogs.

Clients call Christine when...

They usually don’t need to, but even if they did she would probably be too busy to pick up.

“We feel very fortunate to have been connected with your company, and we are looking forward to working together in the future.”

-Patricia, Boulder

“Dave’s approach fostered a comfort level through which our design and construction plans became a true collaboration.”

-John & Jessica, Boulder

“We couldn’t have been happier with the quality of work, the pace, the professionalism and deep construction knowledge of the Sloan team.”

-Ben, Pinebrook Hills

“Compared to other builders and general contractors' work, Sloan Construction's level of execution and craftsmanship really stands out.”

-Greg, Boulder

“Dave really listened to our needs and respected our financial constraints at every step in the project. Highly recommended.”

-Jane, Boulder

“The experience was quick and seamless; two adjectives not generally associated with construction/home improvement projects.”

-Jaime, Boulder

“When things didn't go as planned because of another company's actions, they figured out workarounds and kept the project on track. We are still thrilled with the result.“

-Mary & Bill, Boulder

“Hands down, David and Sloan Construction are the best! They did a stunning deck for me in a complicated location and their work is impeccable - with every detail attended to.“

-Margery, Boulder